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If you are attending the Wednesday Night Supper, please check the number of meals in the attendance book. The meal for December 13th is Grilled hamburgers, all the trimmings, baked beans, and slaw. This will be the last meal for this year.  The Wednesday night dinners will resume on January 3rd.

The flowers today are given to the Glory of God by Neil Baker in honor of Nancy’s birthday, December 10th and Rebecca’s birthday, December 19th.

The nursery needs some more volunteers to help on Sundays during worship. If you are interested in volunteering or learning more, please contact Adriana at

The church envelopes for 2024 are in, if you would like envelopes, please call the office or email

The following items are needed for God’s Helping Hands: apple juice, canned fruit, dry milk, crackers, sugar, small cans with pop tops (for the homeless).

The last Wednesday Night Bible Study will be on December 13th and the last Thursday Morning Bible Study will be on December 14th. Bible Studies will begin again on Wednesday, January 3rd and Thursday, January 4th.

Please mark your calendar for Tuesday, December 19, 2023 to meet in the FSH at 8 am for breakfast before Christmas basket project.  Come and enjoy food (biscuits, donuts, coffee, orange juice) and fellowship.  Any question please contact Pat Roseborough, 803-920-6548,

          Order of Worship for December 10, 2023

                                                                                          Service of Worship                                                                                                            

Platt Springs United Methodist Church

West Columbia, SC

December 10, 2023 – 11 A.M.

2nd Sunday of Advent                                                                  

Welcome and Announcements                       Lay Leader, Jessica Jones                                        

*Prelude                                                                          Brenda Gentzler                                                                                                              

*Please stand as Audrey Collins brings the light of Christ forward

* Call to Worship                                                                Jessica Jones                            

L. Come! Listen! A voice cries out: “In the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God.”

P. We come, and we wait in the just peace of the coming Messiah.

L. Pay attention! God is removing barriers and leveling the playing field, making a way for all people to witness the glory of the Lord.

P. We pay attention, and we wait in the just peace of the coming Messiah.

L. We wait, and we work as God’s landscapers, filling in valleys and making rough places a plain, bringing justice where conflicts and obstacles once reigned.

P. We wait, and we work in the just peace of the coming Messiah.

L. As we gather, may we prepare our voices to proclaim and our hands to get messy as our lives declare the coming of our Savior and Comforter.

P. We come to worship and to grow in the just peace of Jesus Christ, the coming Messiah. Amen.

*Hymn              “O Come, All Ye Faithful”       Vs.  1,2,3    UMH  #234                                                                                                                                                            

* Gospel Reading                  Mark 1: 1-8                         Pastor Debbie

Pastoral Prayer           (Followed by the Lord’s Prayer)

Lighting of the Advent Wreath: Paul, Amanda, Everly and Bodie Guffey

Worshipping God with Our Tithes & Offerings

*Doxology      “Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow”      No. 95    

Children’s Nativity Program (see insert)      Adriana McMurphy

Prayer List December 10, 2023

Please pray for all of our healthcare workers and first

responders and everyone who has been affected by COVID-19.


Rick and Deree Stobaugh

David Brantley

JC Hyatt

Helen Tarbox

Buck Jones

James Ward

Sharon Grecu

Debra Horton

Betty Gleaton

Flora Jones

Louise Schultz

Suzanne Rhodes

Nursing Homes/Assisted Living

Lorine Crapps

Carol Crowninshield

Paul Mullins, Debbie Summers uncle

Bob and Jessie Sargent

Rehab Facility

Lucy Eden


Ashley Steele

Audrey Gardner

Greta Jackson, friend of Butch Gause

Larry Long, father of Linda Lamb’s daughter-in-law

Kelley Edwards, friend of Sandy Cobia

Eyriana Pinkney, granddaughter of Yvette Thomas

Corky Dawkins, friend of Bernadette Weston

Stephanie Hook, friend of Linda Lamb

onna Duggan, friend of Renee Layson

Sammy Basnett

John Ervin, Betty Rogers’ nephew

Chandler, Wanda Young’s grandson

Ben Hanrahan, Marie Thompson’s great nephew

Mary Louise Davis, Betty Rogers’ sister

Rachel Hazan, friend of Brenda Gentzler

Jason Jones

Praise Reports      

John German, Helen Tarbox’s brother-in-law

Jim Asbill


Parker Albrecht, Navy

Connor Crouch, Army

Zach Timmons, Marine Reserve

Steven Apgar, Army

Marshall Hannon, Navy


The family of Margaret Smith

To keep in contact with everyone on our prayer list we're  going to clean the names that have been here for several weeks.  If your name, or a loved one's name, has been listed here for three weeks, make sure to give Melody at (803)794-3415 or Grace Harper at (803) 796-8166 a call so we'll keep them listed.  Thanks and God bless you!

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