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  • The flowers this morning are given by Neil Baker in honor of two special ladies in his life; his wife, Nancy and daughter, Rebecca as they celebrate their December birthdays.

  • GIFT WRAPPING - The Summer Shine Circle will do your gift wrapping for you: Friday, December 2 from 6-8 pm and Saturday, December 10 from noon-4 pm. The Nancy K Perry Children’s Shelter will be the recipient of all donations collected.

  • The Christmas Cantata will be December 11 during the Worship Service

  • PSUMC’s Angel Tree will be on display in the narthex beginning Sunday, November 20th until Sunday, December 18. Angels for selection will be placed on the tree on November 20th and complete instructions are on the back of the Angel tag. Thank you for sharing your Christmas love and generosity with others in our community this holiday season! Contact Sarah Shuler (803-451-1182) or Christy Hannon (803-413-1545) for further information.

  • The following items are needed for God’s Helping Hands: Mac/cheese, grits, fruit juices, jellies, jiffy cornbread, cookies, spaghetti sauce, cooking oil.

Order of Worship for December 4, 2022

Service of Worship

Platt Springs United Methodist Church

West Columbia, SC

December 4, 2022 (2nd Sunday of Advent) – 11:00 A.M.

*Prelude Sherri Cafaro

Welcome and Announcements Pastor Debbie

Recognition of December Birthdays

Call to Worship

L: Get ready, people of God! The time of hope and peace is at hand.

P: We are called to action rather than reaction.

L: Open your hearts to God’s word and God’s will.

P: Help us to be workers for God rather than observers.

L: Come, draw near to God in faith.

P: Let us prepare our hearts to receive the wondrous gifts of God. AMEN.

*Hymn “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus” UMH #196

Pastoral Prayer

Reading & Lighting the Advent Wreath Jeff, Debbie & Jessica Jones

Old Testament Isaiah 11:1-10 Debbie Jones

Young Disciples Pastor Debbie

Anthem Choir

*Gospel Reading Matthew 3:1-12

Sermon “Preparing the Way” Pastor Debbie

Worshipping God with Our Tithes & Offerings

*Doxology “Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow” No. 95

A Service of Holy Communion

Gluten free bread is available for Communion.

(The Communion Rail offering goes to the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund.)

*Sending Forth “ Hark! the Herald Angels Sing” UMH # 240

*Benediction Prepare for the coming of the Lord! Make way in your hearts for love! Get rid of all anger and fear, for God is about to bring incredible light to the world! Go in peace and confidence as witnesses to God’s love. AMEN

*Postlude Sherri Cafaro

Prayer List December 4, 2022

Please pray for all of our healthcare workers and first

responders and everyone who has been affected by COVID-19.


Rick Stobaugh

Deree Stobaugh

Sandy Lambert

Billy Swittenberg

Grace Harper

Audrey Gardner

Linda Swittenberg

Frank Basnett

Carol Crowninshield

In Assisted Living

Nursing Homes

Pat Fletcher

Lorine Crapps

Rehab Facility


Soldier from 122nd In Bn, friend of Dana Hooper

Jeff Hoover, friend of Betty Bradley

Mike Haltiwanger, nephew of Sharon Grecu

Sallie Pringle, friend of Stan Weston

Louis Stell and family, uncle of Debra Moore

Jennifer Hall, friend of Becky Cobb

Brent Jackson, Rebecca Nobbs nephew

Julie Bergeman, Vince Rhodes’ niece

Ronnie Hill, friend of Wanda Young

Sharon Strickland, cousin of Butch Gause and niece of Louise Schultz

Katrina Mekins, friend of Rishkofski family

Margaret Boyd, Linda Swittenberg’s aunt

Larry Jackson, Rebecca Nobbs brother

Ed Rollison, friend of Roger Kinard

Bryant Herring, friend of Roger Kinard

Kendra Sigmon, daughter of Sandy Cobia’ s friend

Ron Hankinson, friend of John Lowder

Marilyn Lambert Koon

Mary Ann Cooper, Cay Houck’s sister

John Moore, Debra Moore’s Brother-in-Law

Liz Wilmont, friend of Liz Timmons (Betty Rogers’ daughter)

Terry Hughey, friend of David Busby

Praise Reports

Agnes Pittman

Bernadette Weston

James Ward

Bob Sargent


The family of Chris and Kay Mitchum on the loss of his mother

The family of Paul Shumpert

To keep in contact with everyone on our prayer list we're going to clean the names that have been here for several weeks. If your name, or a loved one's name, has been listed here for three weeks, make sure to give Melody at (803)794-3415 or Grace Harper at (803) 796-8166 a call so we'll keep them listed. Thanks and God bless you!

PSUMC: A Great Place to Be.

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Office Hours: Mon-Thur 9:00am to 1:00pm

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